April 19, 2011

John McClaughry Traces the History of Vermont's Health Care Reform

Libertarian John McClaughry of the Ethan Allen Institute traces the history of health care reform in Vermont, a seemingly futile effort to control costs. Yet, less than 8% of Vermonters are not covered by some form of health insurance, a good outcome, but certainly not perfect. So access is really not the problem in Vermont. Cost is the culprit as it is everywhere. Vermont's proposal to go down the single-payer road is analyzed in historical context.

John's history posted on Vermont Tiger is worth a read, but for me here's his key point:

"The advocates are intoxicated with the fiction that “health care is a human right”. They harbor a deep seated animus to insurance companies, corporations in general, and anything smacking of informed consumer choice. They are convinced that their dissatisfactions with today’s health care are the result of “market failure” – even though most if not all problems can be traced back to an unwise policy choice, tax or mandate from either state or federal government.
The Senators ought to know better, but the majority party’s continued support for single payer seems to be a remarkable example of willing suspension of disbelief. It is also a major disservice to the people of Vermont, who are in line to bear the brunt of single payer’s inevitable – and possibly tragic - consequences."
Of course, the wild card in all this is the outcome of ObamaCare, which in its current form is by no means certain given the increasing pressure to constrain federal deficits...and the results of the 2012 elections. 
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