September 17, 2011

Stephen Moore: The Obama Promise—Then and Now -

When will politicians become leaders instead of over-promising their ability to accomplish massive goals to gain votes or schmooze their constituencies? As increasing numbers of people lose confidence in the promises of their 'leaders,' hope dwindles and the other party gains voters.

TeamObama has failed the country because they failed to understand the realities that David Brooks at the NY Times portrayed earlier in the week. He argues that Americans have developed an absurd view of the power of government. Many voters seem to think that government has the power to protect them from the consequences of their sins. Then they get angry and cynical when it turns out that it can’t." [emphasis added]

Obama's inexperience and collectivist ideology fail him as a leader; his rhetoric has done him in.

"Barack Obama now faces perhaps his most politically crippling deficit of all: a credibility deficit.
That observation is reflected in the latest Bloomberg poll, which finds that on the heels of his big jobs speech last Thursday night, more than half of Americans (51%) do not believe the president's claim that this latest $447 billion spend-and-tax-or-borrow scheme will create new jobs.
"As the economy has gotten worse, people have stopped listening to Obama and his speeches are no longer an asset, they're a liability," concludes Kellyanne Conway, president of the Polling Company. That is because the gulf between three years of rhetoric and reality is so gigantic..."

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