September 28, 2011

Vermont Tiger: Facing the Inevitable

Tom Pelham, Vermont’s budget commissioner in the Dean administration and tax commissioner in the Douglas administration, has it right in his advice to Congress and particularly, to Vermont's Congressional delegation. It's time for leadership, not politics to reshape our national fiscal insanity.

"...America needs leaders, of all political stripes, to accept responsibility for their accumulated budget deficits and enact remedies in scale with the problem. Tax reform, tax increases and budget cuts must come first, thus freeing Americans to look to the future knowing how much more of their cash, both corporate and individual, the government will take and how much will be left for investment and consumption that can reawaken the economy and create jobs.

Vermont’s Congressional delegation should reject President Obama’s American Jobs Plan. It’s a political prop diverting attention, effort and scarce tax revenues from the more essential task of right sizing our federal government and calming fears about a profligate and irresponsible Washington..."

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