September 17, 2011

Windows 8: How Microsoft's PC Overhaul Will Take on Apple's iPad | PCWorld

This reviewer believes that Microsoft has a shot at becoming a serious Apple competitor with its new Windows 8 that will run on tablets and desktops. This may be so in the long run, but for the next two years, Android tablets will be the only competition for the iPad.

"Whereas iOS gets out of the way, Windows 8 wants to be part of the action, connecting apps in ways that the iPad does not. Whether that's actually useful depends on developers and the apps they create. At the very least, Windows 8 has gone in a different direction from the iPad's other competitors. It doesn't simply rely on having more apps than the iPad or a better interface for moving between them--as Apple's other competitors have proven, those battles are lost from the start. It instead tries to improve the very nature of apps by connecting them to each other, to the OS, and to the cloud."

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