January 27, 2012

Camapign for Vermont Electric/Energy Policy Statement

We are beginning to see some policy positions from Bruce Lisman's Campaign for Vermont Prosperity. Here is an excerpt from a recent statement about energy and electricity.
There's another by Jeanne Keller recently issued about Vermont's health care direction.

So far, I like what I'm reading. Whether the Campaign can generate momentum for a different direction remains to be seen because so many Vermont forces are aligned in a direction that relies on government rather than the private sector for prosperity.

Governments can only foster economic prosperity by creating an environment where private sector capitalism can thrive. That's not what this Vermont Administration and Legislature are about.

"Campaign for Vermont believes our state needs an electricity plan without empty sloganeering. Politicians say building a 90 percent renewable energy future will create jobs, save the climate and foster energy independence. It all sounds good. And it is, in the abstract, until we learn about the cost and reliability. For example, most renewable power
sources are intermittent; that is they don't operate reliably all the time. But citizens and job creators need affordable, on-demand "base load" electricity every minute of every day.
Furthermore, Vermont state law obliges utilities to provide customers with low-cost, reliable power."

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