May 10, 2009

Op-Ed Columnist - The Harlem Miracle -

The Harlem Miracle -

It's refreshing to see success in education, particularly with traditionally under-performing students in inner city schools, often taught by too many under-achieving teachers.

These successes show what can be done, but are these results achievable across a broad cross-section of students, teachers and leadership? Brooks does not tell us what it costs, but the fact that the teacher turnover rate is so high suggests that many teachers aren't willing or able to do this hard, hard work.

Nevertheless it can be done when the spotlight is on! But can it be achieved on a large scale in the face of the myriad pressures for conformity rather than excellence? We need to make it happen because far too many young people who leave school with or without a diploma are unprepared for life and they cost society a bundle downstream.
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