May 2, 2009

U.S. May Revive Guantánamo Military Courts -

U.S. May Revive Guantánamo Military Courts -

It seems TeamObama has rethought the campaign rhetoric used to persuade many voters that he was breaking with the Bush administration policies concerning trying terrorists via military tribunal.

TeamObama takes an ivory tower view of reality. Some of it we can chalk up to inexperience. We have always believed that these RITS and RATS who are not U.S. citizens do not deserve, nor are they entitled to, the protections of America's legal system. Military tribunals make the most sense.

"...Officials who work on the Guantánamo issue say administration lawyers have become concerned that they would face significant obstacles to trying some terrorism suspects in federal courts. Judges might make it difficult to prosecute detainees who were subjected to brutal treatment or for prosecutors to use hearsay evidence gathered by intelligence agencies.

Obama administration officials — and Mr. Obama himself — have said in the past that they were not ruling out prosecutions in the military commission system. But senior officials have emphasized that they prefer to prosecute terrorism suspects in existing American courts. When President Obama suspended Guantánamo cases after his inauguration on Jan. 20, many participants said the military commission system appeared dead.

But in recent days a variety of officials involved in the deliberations say that after administration lawyers examined many of the cases, the mood shifted toward using military commissions to prosecute some detainees, perhaps including those charged with coordinating the Sept. 11 attacks.

“The more they look at it,” said one official, “the more commissions don’t look as bad as they did on Jan. 20.” ..."
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