March 29, 2009

Armenian Assembly's Van Krikorian Testifies Before Congress on Aid

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With only three million people Armenia is not often in the international news, but Americans should pay more attention to the plight of the Armenian people and their long-standing frustration with the repressive behavior of its neighbors.

"...In terms of U.S. assistance, Krikorian pointed out the strong bonds that Armenians and Americans share starting with the U.S. humanitarian intervention to help save the survivors of the Armenian Genocide. He noted that his family, like many other Armenian families in America, descends from Armenian Genocide survivors.

Krikorian also briefly addressed the issue of Christian minorities in the Middle East, stating, "While it is not the focus of our testimony, we would like to ask the Subcommittee that particular attention be paid to Christians in the Middle East and in Turkey, where their population has diminished because of war and other reasons. There are significant communities living in that region since ancient times, and we are sensitive to their needs, as Armenians are among that group. We would like to add our voice in support of U.S. assistance to them and to achieve peace there..."

ANN/Groong -- Assembly's Van Krikorian Testifies Before Congress on Aid

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