March 1, 2009

Obama’s Backing Raises Hopes for Climate Pact -

Obama’s Backing Raises Hopes for Climate Pact -

Below is a quote from the the NY Times story. Ashton's quote portrays him as a dunce, although that's unlikely the author's intent. Who know perhaps he is, like many of the fanatics pushing an agenda that supposes that we can change the climate back to some 'desired state.' What is that state? Do we really think we are 'in charge' of the climate?

Nevertheless, if voting is permitted on that question, I''ll vote for the temperatures when the Vikings were farming in Greenland, a thousand years ago. What's your vote?

When will rationality and sanity rise up in this rush to climate nirvana promoted by fanatics?
"Climate experts added that the United States did not need to have in place national legislation to limit greenhouse gasses, a process that could take months, to negotiate in Copenhagen. “It’s not just about analyzing a piece of legislation,” Mr. Ashton (the British foreign secretary’s special representative for climate change) said. “It’s about the feeling you get if you’re a leader sitting in Beijing. It’s like love; you know it when you feel it.”"

I'm all for reducing the amount of petroleum we burn, not because of anything connected with the climate, but because we have far higher uses for it such as chemicals, plastics, and other products that are of immense benefit to humankind everywhere.
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