May 10, 2011

Day 10 May 2011 Travel Sunday, May 8

Day 10 (May 8)
Another warm day traveling with temperatures in the low '80s as we headed southeast from Decatur TN into the mountains along the TVA lakes and rivers. Lots of rafters and kayakers along the TVA rivers. We stopped at a gigantic flea market in extreme western NC and wandered through the dozens of permanent stalls. It seems everything was for sale (We thought of Gayle and David)!

As we entered northern Georgia in the Cherokee National Forest we went through an area where a tornado,  part of the huge storm system that devastated to much of Alabama, touched down last week with significant damage to tress on both sides of the highway.

We checked in at the Leisure Acres RV Park at about 4:00pm then we found our friend, Marguerite, who lives in Cleveland GA where we had a light supper and conversation. 

We then spent 6 hours in the ER of Northeast Geogia Medical Center in Gainesville for a severe pain in her left torso which had been raging since 10:00am. They did all the tests including a CT scan and found no life threatening problems. Meanwhile, the pain disappeared. We’re guessing it may have been a gall bladder attack.
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