May 6, 2011

Day 7-8 RV Travels May 2011

Day 7 (May 5, 2011)
The trip to Gaylord's Opryland hotel and Convention Center was well worthwhile. The hotel and convention center with acres of climate-controlled tropical gardens is extraordinarily well kept and a pleasure to walk through. We had dinner at home with Jacques who prepared several delicious salads to accompany grilled chicken.

And then a quick visit to Grand Ole Opry's home a short way form the Hotel and Convention Center.

Jacques friend Bob, an elder in Journey Church, joined us for dinner and we learned of his tumultuous life in California and Nashville as he came to a deeper understanding of the God's work in his life. He was an encouragement.

Day 8 (May 6, 2011)

Today we visited with old Vermont friends Don and Jean Marriott who live about 40 minutes from Franklin near a lake. We visited with them for most of the day enjoying a nice meal. It was good to catch up from the last time time we visited them when the lived in Virginia.

Tomorrow we travel to Decatur in southeastern TN to visit another friend.
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