May 10, 2011

RV Travel Day 12 (May 10)

Day 12 (May 10, 2011)
Today is a travel day with a late start from Cleveland, GA after a shopping spree at Wal-Mart to refill the pantry and refrigerator. Then on to South Carolina and North Carolina. The propane generator ran fine powering the A/C to  cool the dogs while we shopped. But when we stopped for a late lunch just before entering SC on I-85 (lots of traffic on this route especially between Greenville SC and Charlotte NC), the generator would not start and stay running. We need it because the temps have been 89-91 for the past two days.

We are in Charlotte NC tonight at the CaroWinds Camp Wilderness which is associated with a large amusement park on the SC/NC border. I called Mark Caudle, a RV repairman ("Road Tech To The Rescue, Factory Trained and Insured, Low Prices, Satisfaction Guaranteed" reads his business card), who travels to the site to make repairs. He said he would be here a bit after noon tomorrow. We hope to have time to visit the Billy Graham Library in the morning and be back to meet the mechanic after noon.

We have the park nearly all to ourselves because it's so early in the season. The shower in the spic n' span restrooms (They get a '10' for cleanliness) felt especially good this warm night.
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