May 2, 2011

Day 4 RV Travel in April and May 05/02/2011

Day 4
We’re sitting now in Oak Creek Campground in Northern Kentucky just south of Cincinnati listening to the rain...more rain. Just north of Columbus on I-71 sprinkles began and evolved into steady rain by the time we were half way to Cincinnati and rush hour traffic. Blah. The Ohio River looked near flood stage.

Earlier in the day we roamed around Amish country on the back roads in Holmes County towns such as Walnut Grove where we had a big lunch at Der Dutchman. These folks own a string of restaurants and gift shops in Amish Ohio. The meal was OK, not wonderful, but fairly priced with good service and typical Amish cleanliness.  I think we have been eating “Mediterranean” for so long that this belly-filling food with lots of starch and flour was not so much to our liking. It was lacking that fresh taste we are used to. We also stopped at a small store off the beaten path in Train purchasing some smoked bologna and horseradish flavored farmers cheese...Yum!

This area of Ohio is packed with Amish farms and we saw a few travelers in the traditional black buggy. Tourists were sparse, but in summer with nice weather, I’ll bet the county is overrun.

Tomorrow we’ll be in Franklin, TN by early afternoon staying a few days with our friend Jacques and visiting Don and Jean who live nearby. Hope this rain stops. It’s no fun driving on the Interstate with tires throwing up that fine spray which make for poor visibility.
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