May 17, 2011

RV Travel Day 18 (May 16, 2011)

Day 18
Our RV park is only a stone’s throw away from Hershey Park which is a massive complex, but we visited only Hershey’s Chocolate World. This is another high quality attraction which includes a free tour of a make-believe chocolate factory that explains the chocolate making process in pictures and with machines that simulate the real process. But, hey, it’s good enough for tourists and the kids don’t know the difference :-). If you go, don’t miss the 3D movie and you CAN’T miss the massive chocolate and souvenir shop along with a food court with excellent offerings...and they serve Green Mountain Coffee!

After the Hershey lunch we were off to Lancaster County, PA for the afternoon in the Amish country. We had been in this area a long time ago but it has since become a hyper-commercialized, tourist mecca. Yet the Amish horses and mules working the fertile fields while the horse-drawn black travel buggies navigate the ever more treacherous highways.

While in Intercourse, PA. we met Pat and Doug Richmond from Underhill, VT who were also RVing and heading back to Vermont. We had a nice chat commiserating about all the rainy weather. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable to meet up with fellow Vermonters so far from home.

Time to eat again and we chose Red Lobster and had a really nice meal. But just as we were leaving a deluge hit and delayed our trip back to the RV park for 15-20 minutes. As I write this the rain continues, though mostly light showers.

Tomorrow we’ll attend a show at Sight and Sound in Strasburg before heading northa to NY.
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