May 8, 2011

Day 9 (May 7) RV Travel in May 2011

Day 9 (May 7)
We said goodbye to Jacque’s gracious Franklin, TN hospitality at mid morning Saturday and headed to I-65 south then 840 to I-40. Once more, the roads in TN are really excellent and we enjoyed fine weather as we traveled to Decatur, TN to visit with Helen Hamann, a friend who we met at various fiber festivals and who has stayed with us in VT a couple of times. I brought the rib eye steaks and wine and Helen prepared the rest for a glorious outdoor meal behind her rented log cabin.

We enjoyed a wonderful guacamole appetizer, walked the dogs along with her Black Lab Otis in the fields of a former alpaca farm. Our ‘dales got along wonderfully with laid-back Otis. Even when visiting other dogs at a nearby farmhouse, Jesse was OK with them.

The wine and steaks were superb with asparagus and salad. Yummm!

After cleaning dishes, we watched a documentary about the Barnes art collection drama in Pennsylvania and turned in a bit later than usual. Soon we’ll head for Cleveland, GA, about 3 hours away.
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