August 27, 2004

AT&T jumps into VoIP - News - ZDNet

An enlightening video interview of Dave Dorman, CEO of AT&T, by Dan Farber. Dorman is focusing on VoIP, particularly as a wholesaler to others, including cable companies and with it's direct-to-consumer service which is sold via Amazon, Best Buy and others.

Dorman is realistic about the future of VoIP, but his trick will be to compete effectively with service and brand. With so much voice moving to wireless access for the 'last mile' via cellular and increasingly via WiFi as homes and public hotspots expand rapidly, AT&T's last, best chance as a telecom company is to provide VoIP robustness, reliability and quality. In any event they have a tough row to hoe competing with the likes of Verizon, SBC and others.

It's sad to see AT&T reduced to an 'also ran' company after it's glory days. Technology, competition and regulation are tough taskmasters.
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