August 25, 2004

Verizon blames federal rules for broadband holdup %7C CNET

Long term, there are two interactive broadband options for home users, fiber and wireless. Cable companies provide a combination of fiber and coax for their broadband offerings. Telcos to this point provide an underlying mix of fiber and copper. Fiber to the premises promises the best option for very high bandwidth. Truly broadband wireless options are not yet deployed. Fiber providers, whether cable or telcos, should be under common rules that do not require them to provide facilities to third parties below cost.

Wireless options on a broad scale are not yet practical, though that possibility moves closer daily.

Verizon has appealed the latest FCC decision to delay pricing access to network facilities, a correct move to keep the pressure on. As usual the FCC is deeply split along partisan lines on most of these contentious issues.
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