August 30, 2004

Ed Koch to Vote for Bush

Interview with Ed Koch by Bill O'Reilly 8/30/04.

KOCH: Kerry was selected by the "Deaniacs," who really wanted Howard Dean, but they concluded that he couldn't win, and I'm sure they were correct. They have no respect for Kerry's positions, even if he is independent of them on occasion. He says he would stay in Iraq; they want to go out yesterday. Almost every position he takes, they don't agree with.
He, ultimately, in order to get the nomination, he had to assure them that they could count on him. But he's tried to move to the middle. It won't work. Moderates understand that if you're radical at the convention, as he was to get their support, that he cannot tell them that now he's going to be a moderate.
So I believe that they, the Deaniacs, as the press calls them, will ultimately get him to do what they want in every case, and he's just bad news. He doesn't have the stomach. And I'm not talking... he's a hero, he's a patriot. I think that all of the attempts to slam his involvement in Vietnam are just dead wrong, as the attacks on President Bush, with respect to the National Guard, are dead wrong. But he doesn't have the stomach, and the Democratic Party doesn't have the stomach to stand up to international terrorism.
And the terrorists have gotten their way with Spain, with the Philippines... a whole host of countries have submitted.
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