August 20, 2004

Wi-Fi Networking News%3A Combined Wi-Fi%2FCellular an Interim Step

Here's a discussion of the dilemma for companies and users deciding between WiFi and cell-based data now that devices that combine the two technologies are becoming available.
My sense is that 3G cell services will be the successful 'go anywhere' truly mobile broadband data access (not video) method...only if the price is right. It's too high now, but should come down as the carriers build out their cell networks to handle the traffic and customers sign on. The ability to use broadband wireless access while in motion or essentially anywhere digital cell service exists is a compelling model.

WiFi is fine for laptop use but it's still a PITA to find WiFi locations. I'd much prefer the ability to connect without thinking about finding a hotspot. Meanwhile, hotspots will proliferate and I think the Wayport-McDonald's relationship, when all the tens of thousands of restaurants are equipped, will make a big difference. I hope their business model succeeds. I'll use their facilities.

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