August 20, 2004

Blogger Added a Google Search to the Blog Templates

Dear Blogger/Google,

You've done it! Adding the NavBar to the blog template is really a wonderful improvement, right next to the image upload feature via Hello in user friendliness! You Blogger guys are great. Keep up the good work. Hope you have increased your net worth via the IPO!!!

With all the new features, I can't help but think you'll be charging soon for Blogger. That's OK with me. As a frequent blogger, I'm pleased to pay a reasonable price for a service that you continually improve.

One other feature that would be nice is the ability to download my blog and archive it on CD/DVD. With all this creative writing from thousands of users, woe to you if your servers ever lost these blogs which represent hundreds of valuable hours by bloggers. Think what our heirs and posterity would miss!
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