August 22, 2004

The New York Times %3E Opinion %3E Guest Columnist%3A Babies and Bath Water

Insightful and interesting. As the bashing and attempts to define the candidates continue from both sides in the campaign, my senses tell me that voters are not taken in by most of this. They see through it as a ploy. Often, the editorialists on both sides believe that Americans pay more attention to the various TV talking heads than they do.

In the quiet of voting decisions will be the delicate balance of emotion and rationality that hinges on what people really believe about the person they are voting for. What has he done so far? Can he be trusted? Is he sincere? Will he do the right thing? Will I be safer physically, economically, and will my kids live in as good a world as I did? I think this is particularly true of the undecideds who will elect the new President.
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