August 24, 2011

August 24 in Campo diGiove

 Our Delta flight from JFK to Rome was late leaving by an hour, but the pilot made up about half the time on the flight. It was a bit bumpy at times, but we survived OK.

We took the regional train to Tiburtina Station, rather than the DaVinci Express to Termini Station. It turns out the train was rerouted a few weeks ago due to a fire or construction or...who knows? S we took the metro to Termini. just a 10 minute ride.

The train WAS on time and 2.5 hours later we were met by Carol's cousin who whisked us the 20 km up the mountain to Campo diGiove. Weather and food are both wonderful at Hotel Abbruzzo. This morning, the sun is about to rise over the Majella mountains, which we can see from our hotel room, surrounding the town.

For dinner we had very simple, but delicios Abbruzzo food. pasta and oil with crushed red pepper, an Abbruzzo folk specialty (Carol's dad always loved it.), veal with a special sauce for secondi and an assortment of local cheeses and fresh fruit, a bottle of Montepulciano and fresh fruit. All  this was accompanied by a delicious buffet selection of contorni...yum! We hadn't eaten since breakfast on the plane.

Will explore Campo diGiove today  on footand generally meander.

Sun's up. Time for breakfast!

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