August 20, 2011

Obama in the Valley -

No, Mr. Blow, America does not need Barack Obama as President because he and his team have been shown inept and incapable of the leadership and policies that the country now requires. The last thing we need is for him to crank into campaign mode, but that seems exactly what he's doing with his pre-Marthas Vineyard Midwest bus trip.

Your 'pep talk' stimulating him to'shape up' is a nice try, but he does not have what it takes to pull the country out of the economic distress. Americans increasingly believe his policies have failed the country.

Meanwhile, Congress has also performing poorly. They must step up to the plate and fulfill its responsibilities for realistic budgeting and spending. The nation's need an infusion of confidence. That's best done not with words, but with deeds.

"The country needs the president to rise to this crisis in word, spirit and deed. We need him to reach out of his nature and into the nation’s need. We are on the precipice. There’s growing concern that we may slip into a second, more painful recession. There is little optimism that the housing crisis will loosen its grip on the economy anytime soon. The unspeakable truth is that we may well be on the leading edge of a prolonged period of national stagnation, if not decline.

A robotic Sustainer-in-Chief with an eerie inhumanity will not satisfy. At this moment, we need less valley and more mountaintop."

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