August 29, 2011

Beautiful Mountains and Spectacular Lake Como

(August 28, 2011) With our friends Roberto and Oriana we rode the cable car to Piani di Bobbio, high above the town of Barzio and meandered in the ski bowl with hundreds of hikers, sun-bathers, mountain bikers and others enjoying the bright sun and mild breezes.

We had lunch consisting of traditional mountain cooking including pizzoccheri, (a mix of mountain greens, coarse pasta and cheese), polenta with stag and gravy and cold beer and wine at a restaurant on the mountain.  Several para-gliders were wafting above in the mountain updrafts, while a large herd of dairy cows, guided by a cowherd and his dog, were roaming the piani  with their bells resounding in the clear mountain air.

In mid-afternoon, we visited the castle at Vezio with commanding views of Lake Como and the dozens of boats on it. Next, a short ferry ride from Varenna, just below Vezio, to Bellagio where we were joined by Filippo and his girl friend, Claudia, for drinks on the Bellagio waterfront as the sun set.  Then a dinner a short drive to the southwest for dinner just outside Bellagio at Ristorante Ittiturismo (da Abate pesce fresco a palate) where fresh fish from lake Como is served in several marvelous ways both as antipasti and primi/secundi. It was a delicious meal! Roberto drove home and we slept soundly after a Moscato grappa.

Tomorrow, Filippo and Oriana will drive us to Antonio and Maria's home in Garlate where we will stay for a few days. Life is good among friends in Italy!
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