August 25, 2011

(from Carol 08/25/11...)
After a cool night's sleep in the dry mountain air, the day begins with the sun rising over the mountain just outside our balcony, shedding its morning warmth across our bed. :-) A nice wake-up call from "the Office!"

Bad news from the real "office," however. We may not be able to leave Campo di Giove as planned! With the rail-system's reservation center having been on hold due to technical problems, and because it is the end of Italian vacation time for those vacationing in the South wanting to head back home in the North, all the trains from Pescara to Milan are already full with no reservations left! Add to that, the phone service from our portable cuts off every 3-4 minutes of time, so we're going to spend the better part of today (before the wedding) trying to sort out our departure!

I'm glad we woke up to the sun!! :-)
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