August 24, 2011

August 24 Second Day in Italy

We had a quiet day today. In the morning we walked to the town center to visit Sergio and Dora until noon, then returned to the hotel. It was good to catch up with them before their daughter is married tomorrow here in Campo diGiove, after which two chartered buses will take all the Campo diGiove attendees to Pescara for the reception.

Then, I spent far too long on the phone with the British company from whom I rented a WiFi hotspot that will enable us to get on the internet while traveling without incurring the exorbitant Verizon data roaming charges. The tech support person walked me through re-programming the device for use in Italy. They had  mistakenly shipped me a device programmed to work in the UK.

Carol spent time at the pool in the sun on another beautiful day while I attempted, unsuccessfully, to make reservations on the high speed train from Pescara to Milan on Saturday. It seems it's not possible to make reservations and pay online, which is a peculiar situation.  After several calls to the overloaded Trenitalia call center and when I got through a couple of times they said they would call me back because "the system is down," which means they must have a massive backup of calls. I will try again later. In hindsight, I should have made the reservations at Rome's Termini.

I walked a bit in the late afternoon to do some shopping and shake off the 'technology woes,' then had a nice nap before dinner.

Dinner was again plain and simply delicious. Many delicious contorni, then penne pasta, cabbage soup, followed by rosemary-seasoned pork and fried cheese with tomato sauce. 
i really like this simple food because the tastes of the food are so much enhanced, not overwhelmed, by the spices.

Tomorrow we meet at 4:00 pm for the wedding ceremony, then board the bus to Pescara.

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