August 10, 2011

Paul Ryan: Where's Your Budget, Mr. President? -

Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposals may not be perfect, but the alternative (oops, to date there is no viable alternative) from TeamObama creates ever increasing taxes in a dismal economy. That's a failing recipe for the Democrats at the polls and for the country. We deserve better from Washington leaders.

I hope Ryan is appointed to the 'Super-Committee" that must recommend another $1.5 trillion ($1,500,000,000,000)

"Since then [February 2011] he has offered a lot of rhetoric but no real plan to avoid a spending-driven debt crisis. His speeches and press conferences are no substitutes for actual budgets with specific numbers and independently verified projections of future deficits and debt. Meanwhile, it has been over two years since the Democrat-controlled Senate passed any budget at all. This is a historic failure to fulfill one of the most basic responsibilities of governing.

This leadership deficit has thrown the federal budget process into chaos at the worst possible time. Even though Congress has cut spending by a significant amount, it still hasn't dealt with the drivers of our debt—primarily federal spending on health care."

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