August 5, 2011

Public Views Congress as Top Culprit in Debt Debate, Poll Finds -

While much of the media attaches the spending binge to our Presidents, Congress is the culprit. Under our Constitution, they have the responsibility to authorize spending. They have failed the country in their quest for power and reelection.
However, in the final analysis, we, the American people, have encouraged the deficit and debt binge by our entitlement mentality. It's beyond time for us to change the Washington dynamic by electing fiscal conservatives who will move the country to a sustainable future. Moreover, we must not allow the U.S. to slip into the socialist camp as Sen Sanders and too many others in Washington would lead us.
"A record 82 percent of Americans now disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job — the most since The Times first began asking the question in 1977, and even more than after another political stalemate led to a shutdown of the federal government in 1995."

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